Gathering A Team

I’ve been sitting on an idea for several years now that my mother suggested when my brother and I set out to start a business in the web/IT industry. It’s been stewing for long enough that I really believe in it and I would like to make it happen. Without leaking too much information, the idea revolves around a tool that will support making the world a better place. The vision has been cast,... read more

Astrology and Christ

I’ve heard that astrology is a dangerous thing for the Christian, but in Matthew Ch2, the wise men who greeted Jesus into the world saw his star in the east. Where does scripture point to the heavens in order to give us the sign that our Mesiah had arrived? How did these wise men know? We believe that God created all, and that there is order in the universe so why is that we condemn astrology in the... read more

Refreshed and Inspired

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog. It’s kinda nice to have one, but without something powerful driving it it’s easy to let the posts dwindle and to be honest I kinda forgot that I even had this thing. Today is a new day, it’s a new year and I’m a new me. 2009 was a big year for me. I wrote 3 songs. I had an adventure. I’m excited to see what kind of... read more

Take me to Costa Rica

Costa Rica! This stunningly beautiful “Rich Coast” will soon be explored, photographed, and written about by yours truly (provided that Nomadic Matt and Bruce Poon Tip wise up and select me for their free two week vacation giveaway). I think a guy like my deserves a trip like this. When your done reading this article, you’ll know why. I was surprised to learn that Costa Rica is one of... read more

Fallen Man

by Relient K As you push it up through the soil, I will shake your filthy hand. You may be dead to me but that don’t mean we can’t be friends. Now it’s time to get over this, Long as it’s clear you understand, That I will never trust a single thing you say again. Because the judge of you is someone I could never be, Is why you should thank the Lord that it is Him, and it’s not... read more

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